Ease of Doing Business

Ireland is ranked by Forbes as one of the best countries in the world to do business.

Dublin is a world class business destination with a proven track record

Over 1,150 overseas companies have chosen Ireland as their European base in sectors such as ICT, Pharmaceuticals, healthcare, financial and international service Ireland is home to:

Source: IDA Ireland

Dublin’s Tech Scene Mapped

Dublin is alive with tech companies, which is why we’ve created a map to show you just how vibrant the Dublin tech scene is… Dublin has become a recognised centre of tech excellence; from Google to Facebook, the tech giants of the world have chosen to make Dublin their home. With this has come a surge in amazing Irish start-up companies and a tech community that includes some of the world’s best and brightest like Etsy, as well as Irish talent like Foodcloud and Soundwave.??

The surge in tech companies in Ireland is a testament to the fact that Dublin is a perfect fit for them. From brilliant graduates to the cultural vibrancy, the scope of the city matches the scope of these companies. They’ve discovered what makes Dublin great and have made themselves a part of it.??And Dublin has taken the tech scene to its heart – with hack nights in local bars to the Dublin Web Summit, the tech scene has brought a vibrant new cultural element to the city.??

We’ve teamed up with illustrator and tech enthusiast Steven Maurice Graham to create a map showing some of Dublin’s most exciting tech companies, from the start-ups to the giants. ??We’ve also included Dublin coffee shops, restaurants, museums and everything in between. These are some of the places you might find tech wizards grabbing a flat white, a meal or just hanging out and soaking up the vibrancy of the city centre. These places offer just a taste of what’s going on near the tech companies themselves, but you’ll find great activities and hang out spots on every corner in Dublin.

When you look at the map of Dublin you can really see how the whole city is dotted with giants like Google, technology hubs helping the next big things in tech and start-ups on their way to success. What we find exciting is that there are so many new companies setting up shop here everyday, that by next year we’ll need a new map.